Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rice & Feta

Today my dinner was white rice with tons of lovely feta cheese melting into it
and applesauce with cinnamon.  

MMMMMMmmmmmm . . . very good.

I also found this jelly, that's made from blackberry JUICE rather than berry puree, which means it doesn't have the pulp, fiber, or seeds - yay!  Plus, it's tasty AND the jar is beautiful.  Wins all around!
I have been eating it on Schar white rice crackers.

Juvy came inside in the hottest hours of the afternoon today and slept on the back of the couch.
She got very comfy and started drooping off . . .

I had to kiss on her a bit because she looked so cuddly.

Two housekeeping items today:

1.  Make sure to keep your passwords for different accounts DIFFERENT.  For example, don't have the same password for multiple accounts.  I have been transitioning out of using the same, not-especially-strong password for a couple of different accounts, and late this afternoon I got an e-mail from Amazon, saying that my e-mail account information had been changed.  Eeek!  I didn't have the right password anymore, so I called and they asked all sorts of security questions and changed it and nothing had been purchased, but it put appropriate fear in my heart and I have spent a few hours going through the websites I visit regularly and changing passwords.  E-mail accounts, shopping, library, all of that.

Thankfully, Amazon was the only thing that was affected.  Yay!

If you don't already use something like, this, KeePass is a great (FREE!) program that stores all your passwords for you.  If you want, it will generate random passwords (they end up being strings of letters and numbers as long as you set them to be).  Then you can open that (just remembering ONE password instead of 1,000) and copy and paste your password for any particular site from there.  Greg showed me how to use it a few years ago and it's really great.

2.  I have changed the comments settings for this blog to "moderated".  This means that when you leave a comment, it will be e-mailed to me and I will need to SEE it and APPROVE it before it will be posted.
So please don't be surprised if you submit a comment and it says,
"Comment will be published after approval."

Hope your week goes GREAT!

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