Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Wonderful Daddy

Let me tell you a little bit about my Dad, because he's the best one.

While I was growing up, he called me "Princess."
That, plus the way he continually takes care (physical and emotional) of my sweet Mom,
taught me that the right man would cherish me.

My wonderful husband does that very well.

Thanks, Dad, for teaching me the kind of man I wanted (even though I didn't know you were teaching that).

My Dad loves animals.
So do I - from birth, I think!
Especially cats!

My dad celebrates with me when I am happy.

My Dad is generous and he likes to give good gifts!  
He likes to make me (and other people) happy.

My Dad is not afraid to show affection.
He is masculine and strong, but not afraid to give his little girl Eskimo kisses.

My Dad always supports me during the important moments in my life.

My Dad always treats me as if I am smart and capable.
He (and my Mom) told me over and over that I could do ANYTHING I wanted.
But they want me to do what makes me happy.
Thank you, Dad, for helping cancel out FEAR and for making me more courageous. 

My Dad likes to spend time with me.
He likes me (and the rest of his family) so much that he takes us fun places.
Epcot in Florida

My Dad even liked spending time with me when I couldn't provide any scintillating conversation!
Thanks for teaching me that your LOVE for me doesn't depend on what I do or say. 

My Dad loves the water.

He taught me how to canoe (he MADE the amazing canoe in this picture!)
I love the silent, elegant canoe so much that I passed on the fun to Cindy. 

My Dad kept me safe.  
I grew up knowing I was protected by a hero.
And now my husband is the hero who protects me.

My Dad helps whenever he can!

My Dad appreciates the beautiful world God has made.
Even the desert, which at first seemed too brown and dusty to both of us.
Thank you, Dad, for teaching me that every environment has its own unique beauty.

My Dad likes to have fun! 

My Dad created the best environment for kids that I could imagine!

Swing sets, tree houses, sand box, orchard, tire swing, forest to run through (complete with secret hideaways!), cats (plus a rotating menagerie of other animals: ducks, chickens, pheasants, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs . . . ), go-cart, bicycles . . .
if I chose my own childhood, I don't think I would change anything.
I am the girl on the left (with the cat!)
My brother is the blondie next to me (upside-down)

My Dad likes to try new foods.
He also isn't afraid to get messy!

My Dad calls me, "Sunshine".
He is always happy to see me.

THANK YOU, Dad, for teaching me what a man should be.
You love God and you love your family.
I can't think of a better description of a meaningful life.

I love and respect you.

Also, happy FIRST FATHER'S DAY to my brother, Mark!

And for all you other Dads (and influential men), thank you for being THERE for your wives and your kids.
You make a HUGE difference.

Hopefully this video gives you a laugh!


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  1. An awesome tribute to your Dad!!!! Love the pictures, but the text was the great part!! Would make anyone feel super special!!! Super video, too!!!!!!!