Saturday, August 17, 2013



Nice to see you!

Allow me to give you a little tour around my day!

First, there were cute cats!!!

Sleeping . . . 

Tipping over nicely folded towers of 
a big heap of towels I piled on the chair . . . 

Being exhausted after a day's exploring . . . 

And being desperate to get at us when we're outside!

Mostly today, everyone slept all day except Allistair, who slept MOST of the day and followed us around the other 10% of the day.

We noticed today that the cactus that broke off a few months ago in a wind storm is blooming right from where it broke off!  Just like people - we might get broken, but we can still bloom!

The clouds were beautiful today!

Exciting news: my Low-Dose Naltrexone arrived yesterday, and I took it for the first time last night! 
It's true: it definitely affects sleep patterns.  I didn't seem to have any especially vivid dreams (the most common side effect), but that's probably because I didn't sleep!

I had a dream about 5 minutes long early in the morning about intrigue and plotting between the staff members at the church we left in December - probably that was psychic, not really a dream!

I already was coming out of the most current flare, and today my stomach feels better than it has in quite a long time.  I was able to eat more normally the last couple of days.  The LDN can only help!  (Once I'm able to sleep, of course!)  Other people who are taking it say that the sleep thing normalizes after a week or so.  Thankfully, I can adjust my work schedule around the sleeping thing for a while until it gets sorted out.

Because I didn't sleep, I have been a walking zombie today and have definitely not been on top of my game. 
I kept falling into naps of fitful sleep.  Not very restful, either.  
But I did alllll the laundry and didn't shrink anything!
And I even was up early (5:45 am) when Greg got up to do some yard work, so I was able to help him a little tiny bit. The yard looks beautiful now (right now it's all blowing in a crazy wild wind - I'm hoping RAIN is coming!!!)

Here are some gorgeous pictures of the clouds yesterday evening:
I love all the colors!
(That's the roof of our house that you see in the photos).

Happy Saturday!

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  1. That's such an inviting picture of the front of your house. Makes you want to walk right in. I like the cactus analogy....even when we are broken we can bloom. Joyce Meyer says "take your mess and make it a ministry." I'm healing from an encounter with some asphalt. Long story but thank the Lord I didn't break anything. Love staying up to date on what's happening with you. My flare up is finally getting better too. Hopefully I will be a normal as I can be when we go to some national parks in Utah in Oct. Keep blogging, I LOVE it !!!!