Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clouds, But No Rain

I have been waiting and waiting and still we have gotten NO rain this summer!  
Our monsoon seems to have fizzled yet again.  Boo.

But the clouds are beautiful and it has been cooler than normal (right now it's 6 PM and only 87!)

I have been better off digestive-wise, but not perfect.
While I have been resting, I have 

made cookies

watched the Star Trek movies

and enjoyed my cats!

Here is Stephen, all wrapped up in his favorite toy!

And then he climbed up on the couch while I was reading and snuck UNDER my legs! 
He's a very snuggly little guy.

And Allistair enjoyed being close enough to sleep on my computer.  He entered a password for me with his chin, but it wasn't the correct password . . . 

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute cats. Animals are soooooo perceptive. Derrick & Rachel are in Florida to find a place to live (please pray for right house to start the church in with a favorable landlord to give them a super deal) so we are taking care of the dogs and bunny. What I think is interesting is they have already figured out I am their caregiver so they come to me to go outside and at night they are laying in the living room by me.....

  2. Very cute pictures!! Sorry you didn't get any rain. :( I can't wait to meet your two I new snugglers!

    1. P.S. We got some rain last night! :) Not much, but we enjoyed it (plus thunder and lightning!)