Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Well!  We have been seeing some health improvements here!
* I have been sleeping WELL
* My digestive system is (slooooowwly) settling down
* I feel minutes-long bursts of energy and hope that I haven't felt for months or years

It gives me great hope that the medication is working and that I am moving in the right direction.
I am not all better yet, but I have hope, and that makes a big difference.
Those moments of energy showed me how tired and sick I really have been for the last couple of years and I felt sad for pushing myself so hard and being unkind to me.
Thanks to those of you who kept telling me to be nice to myself and rest.  I may not have done a good job listening, but I tried.

It has been HOT here (as expected; we live in the Arizona desert!)  It's 107 right now, which isn't too bad, but we have had some rain, which leaves lingering humidity and makes it feel sticky.  

The clouds have been beautiful!  I have been fascinated by them this summer.

Clouds seen from out our front door a few days ago:

A possible thunderstorm building up while I was at SuperTarget:

That same storm getting bigger and moodier as I drove home:

 The cats have been cute as ever, of course!

The other day, I walked into the bedroom to find Stephen and Allistair snuggled together on the bed.

They moved around a little throughout the afternoon.

And Stephen made me happy by getting so relaxed that his tongue popped out! 

We got a new rug, and Allistair likes to dig under it and then look out.

Stephen doesn't quite understand why that sounds fun, but he usually wants to be in on the fun.

Neither Allistair nor Stephen have long fur, and neither has ever had a hairball.  But sometimes Allistair makes funny little coughing/choking noises with his tongue sticking out that are probably his own personal patented method of fur processing.

(Please excuse the cat food bits on the floor in the background; this video was done before the vacuuming.)

With some rain on Monday, there was a LOT of scary loud thunder!
Allistair had to protect us.

While Greg was out in the backyard doing some yard work, Allistiar got a little tense and started doing his cute little "eep" sounds.  I captured at least one of them in this video.

Stephen loves to play fetch with hair bandies!  Here is some video of him chasing it down the hall and bringing it back to me.  He is SO adorable that you all will probably sneak over to my house in the dark of night and try to steal him . . . 

Here is some proof that it REALLY DID RAIN!

Allistair likes to play in the hall, too, but he doesn't need a partner!

And finally, here is a video of Allistair being silly in the little cat-scratching and bird-watching tower.  
It's amazing how many silly things cats do!

I hope your week has been a good one so far and that you are happy and healthy!


  1. Glad you're improving ever so slowly!!!! Keep it up. Your kittens are something else. How cute!!!!!!

  2. Soooooooooooo glad to hear you are feeling better !!!!! Praise the Lord for guiding you to the right answers. LOVE the cloud pics and of course the playful cats. Next Thurs. Ron & I are invited up to the cabin to hang out. We finally got it scheduled for my bday get away. Sooooo excited about some down time, it's been quite the summer for activity but have enjoyed every minute. Keep getting better and keep posting, I LOVE YOU, Me