Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dust and Cool Breezes!

The weather is FINALLY cooling off a little bit!  Today it was only 88 for a high!
When I walked out of the church building today (at 2 PM), my car told me it was 87 - wow!

And we had lovely breezes most of the day 
(which led to the dust around the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, pictured above).
I took a little nap this afternoon outside on the patio on a blankie with the cool wind blowing on me.  

While I was editing the photos for this post, I found some photos I had forgotten about!

Cuddled in little Allistair:

The following photos are from a store in Minneapolis called Ax-Man.
It is a crazy and inventive store, where they sell surplus ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
You never know what you will find!  

I get fits of the giggles every time I go there because each treasure is labeled, usually with amusing illustrations.  Here are some priceless ones from my last visit (in July).  You  might have to enlarge them to read the funny captions for yourself (click on the photos to enlarge).

"10 ¢ will wash the grime off your hands but nothing will clean them of the crime . . . "

"Gain the trust of all cats with Litter Mitts!"

"You can have your very own half boyfriend!
Bottom half only.
He looks good in tights.
He stands.
Looks pretty.
Holds clothes.
Doesn't talk.
Doesn't spend money.
No kids.
Doesn't cheat.
Is yours forever.
And . . . he's single!"

"non-name-brand, perfectly acceptable, less expensive tool belts"

Doesn't everyone need a Zaklan-Taarn?!?!?!?!?

Moving away from Ax-Man . . . I caught Baltazar playing with Maud (a toy mouse)!
He's not dead yet!

Allistair's Armor

Greg figured out what Allistair has been doing when he pounces on the floor - 
chasing his own shadow!

Part II

Allistair playing with his pink fishy - he loves to toss the fishy high up into the air and then leap after it.  
In this clip, he tosses the fishy up into the air, but it lands near Stephen and spooks him, causing him to jump into the air and almost spill the food all over.  Ha!

Playing in a chiller grocery bag:

And then Stephen needed to investigate!

Stephen has the tiniest little mew ever heard in a grown cat!
Here he is making it because he wants to get into the laundry room, where Bjarne is having some delicious wet food!

A couple of weeks ago (I didn't have the gumption to edit videos until today!), we got a lovely sunshower!
With thunder and lightning!

Here's the thunder and lightning!

Do you need some lovely rushing river sounds to brighten your day?
Here you go!!!
This video is from my hike with Sage last Saturday to Grasshopper Point near Sedona.

Have a great week!

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