Monday, September 9, 2013

My First Trip To Prescott!

Cindy and I went to Prescott yesterday to celebrate her birthday 
(Happy birthday, Cindy, my dear, dear sweet friend!)

(FYI: "Prescott" sounds like this in Arizona: "PRESS-kitt".
NOT "Pres-COTT"!)

Look at the lynx lying on the wall!  (Secret: he's not a live lynx; he's an awesome statue!)

It rained much of the day and we couldn't have been HAPPIER about it!

First, we walked down Vernon Street and looked at all the beautiful old homes.

One of them looked like a house maybe made of candy where maybe a witch would live who might possibly cook and eat little children named Hansel und Gretel!

And I could have had my brain integrated (see the sign below), but I wasn't sure what that meant, so I passed on the chance to investigate.

The plants and wildlife were fantastic, too!

I took this picture of the raindrops on a plant, and when I got home and looked at the pictures on a bigger screen, I saw a weird black and yellow spider.  I circled it for you!

Look at these cool blue berries with red stems!

Beautiful pink rose with raindrops on it . . . 

Yellow rose in front of a beautiful white fence

Beautiful close-up!

And baby green pinecones!

White hibiscus!

And while I was taking a picture of the hibiscus, Cindy said there was a hummingbird right above my head, so I tried snapping a picture of him and sort of got one (though he's a little blurry).

And the SNAILS were out having snail parties!  
(Hint: by "snail parties," I mean crossing the sidewalk.)
They are CUTE!

This one must be older because his shell is a little cracked.  
And he was a lot bigger than any of the other snails we saw.

And a Cicada!  A big one!

Here's what the downtown street looks like from the beautiful square.

Here is the gorgeous square from inside a shop on the second floor of a cool old building!

And the beautiful square has leaf imprints in the sidewalk!  :)

And look!  In Prescott you can buy chocolate covered bacon!!!

Here is a bar on Whiskey Row!
It said they've been serving the lawless since 1877!!!

Here is Cindy, checking out the menu at the above restaurant.
This place didn't have gluten-free options, but a number of other restaurants in Prescott did.
Hooray! - that makes it even a better destination! 

And hee hee!  Look at this sign I saw!

As per usual for our day trips, we went to Target more than once.  

Here is our Target stop in Scottsdale.  With rain!

Here is the Target in Prescott!  Look at the beautiful backdrop!  
This might be the prettiest location for a Target I have ever seen.

The gorgeous road home . . . 

And this morning, Cindy texted me and said that she had the most brilliant idea of her career this morning already.  I am convinced it's because of our refreshing time away!

Also, with cooler weather (it's only 76 here right now and it has been raining almost all day!), I feel more energetic . . . I found a couple of studies about how heat leads to more IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) flares.  So perhaps cooler fall/winter weather will assist me in being more like the Christie I want to be!

Hope you had an equally restful and wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh, that looked like so much fun. Glad you had a GREAT day. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the flower pictures. Good job. Interesting about the cooler weather. I know I don't work as well in hot weather....Looking forward to my fun days with your mom this weekend. Love u, C

  2. Looks like a lovely day!!!! Loved all the pictures of the flowers and scenery. Soooooo happy you could spend a fun day with Cindy and felt good besides!!!!!