Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grasshopper Point!

thanks to Sage for taking this picture of me in the middle of the river!

I went to a beautiful little hiking spot near Sedona, Arizona on Saturday with my wonderful friend, Sage.
It was the first hike I have done since I got really sick, and I am GLAD it was short (probably about a mile in and a mile back out)!

Sage and me!

Beautiful red hills near Sedona

A strange acorn-looking seed.
It was NOT on an oak tree; it was on a little spiky bush!

It was NOT HOT!!!

We spent some time lying on a nice big rock in the middle of the river.

I hopped along these rocks out a little farther across the river.
The spots with wet footprints are in where I was!

Sage is a photographer, and she took some great shots from the top of the big rock.

 The view along the hike was beautiful!
The path is along the bottom of a little canyon, and the red mountains rise up on either side. 

There's a river at the bottom, and we meandered up alongside the river for a ways.
A little ways up, there's a calm pool with a red rock wall where the water is shallow (knee-height for us) 
and cool.  The water is very clear there.

Of course, I have some cat pictures to post, too!

Allistair sleeping (and taking up a good portion of the couch!)

Bjarne looking sleepy

Allistiar expressing that he didn't think I should be working!
(I was editing curriculum illustrations)

Claude relaxing with criss-crossed paws.

Two babies on my desk while I was working . . . 
It's nice to be loved!

The lighting was just right so I could get a good picture of Stephen's adorable face.  

The kittens also love yoga!
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to actually practice any yoga while they are taking up most of my mat, but I still try!  I might have to let them have this old mat and get a second mat for ME.

This is what Stephen looks like when he's spooked!  Look at his dinosaur spikes/mohawk!

Allistair enjoying a recently-emptied soda box

I am feeling significantly better health-wise.  My digestive system is calmer, and my mood has been very good.  I was able to work six hours yesterday (with breaks in between)!  I then stopped and chose to take a nap (which was wise!)  Today I'm having a slower day (printing rather than editing) and it's a good choice because my brain is slower.  But it's ENCOURAGING and I am thankful!  

Hope your week is fantastic!

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