Thursday, October 3, 2013

Court In Session!

Yep, I had my first jury duty!
I showed up at 8 and was only there until 11, though, because I didn't end up getting chosen to sit on a jury.
I was really hoping to be chosen because I've never had the opportunity to see how the system works from up close and I find it interesting.  It's encouraging to see all the people from every different walk of life show up and participate in our justice system.  

I met a hilarious woman who works for CPS (Child Protective Services) here in Arizona who had some great stories about some of her prior clients.  One of them was convinced that her parakeet's feces on the floor was the reason why her child was removed from her home.  She called this lady up one day and told her that the bird had committed suicide because he knew he was the cause of the child being removed.  He was so distraught that he killed himself by waiting until the woman was turning over in bed at night and then swooping down in a dive UNDERNEATH her so he could be squished to death.

Hmmm . . . 

Our cats have not shown signs of wanting to commit suicide.
Well, sometimes they wind in between our feet and try to trip us, but I think that's more a sign of being devious than wanting to kill themselves.

While I am sitting on the couch, Allistiar will often get on the coffee table and dangle his head off the edge.

Or he might just decide that a nap is in order.

Baltazar likes to nap, too, and a lot of times he looks really uncomfortable.
Wouldn't you think he'd get a kink in his neck from this position?

Juvy is Queen of this stack of towels!

And yesterday I caught her cuddling her favorite blue mousie while sleeping.

Bjarne has been playing spunky with a new stick & mousie toy we bought!
He takes it away from the kittens and growls at them!  Ha!

YouTube link

Juvy went hunting the other day, and look what she caught!
YouTube link

Bjarne, Stephen, and Allistiar love shea butter!
YouTube link

Stephen saw something he wanted to get up on the ceiling and he demonstrated his adorable little teeny itty-bitty squeaky mews just for you!

YouTube link

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful crisp fall day.
It is currently 92 degrees and it doesn't feel very much like autumn.
But it IS finally October (my favorite month!) and the evenings cool off.
Tonight my friend Sage and I are having movie (and cookies!) night and I anticipate opening the windows and listening to the fountain.

Three movies are on offer this evening:

"The Valet" (in French with subtitles),
"(500) Days of Summer,"
"Johnny English" - in case she's feeling silly!

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  1. I learned something new about the gecko's tale. Thanks for sharing. We are getting cooler here but back in the 70's this week. Fall is my favorite time of the year too.