Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Almost-Birthday!

I love this time of year!
At only 12 minutes after 6 PM, it was already twilight, and my outside fairy lights came on!
(I have them set to come on when it gets dark.)  I love fall!

This week is TONS of fun because my birthday is on Saturday (I'm turning 39!), and lots of celebrating has been happening.

Yesterday Greg's Mom came to visit.  We had a delicious meal last night (spaghetti, salad for Greg & his Mom, and homemade gluten-free breadsticks - yum!)  Last night and this morning Linda & I did a bunch of shopping and errands.  After shopping, we went to Barro's for pizza.  

We saw some interesting stuff while at TJ Maxx . . . 

This was an empty box Greg pointed out.
I imagine it would store things like mortgage documents, marriage certificates,
insurance papers, and things like that.

And then there was this artwork. 
Greg was observing it from the back.
The three circles slowly moved independently when started and continued moving for quite a while.
It was very soothing to watch, and a really neat idea!

Does anyone have welding equipment to make one of these?!

Greg took Friday and Monday off so we can enjoy time together.  That sure makes me feel special!
Tomorrow we are going to the Arizona State Fair, where we will be seeing this exhibit:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Trek, and Greg found this exhibit and planned it independently, which makes it even more meaningful.  

The babies have been super cute, as always!

Stephen & Bjarne like to snuggle when it's a little chilly.

This is where Allistair spends a lot of time. . . on top of the cat stand
(it's over 6 feet tall!) in the bedroom.

 But sometimes he NEEDS to snuggle!  And a Daddy on the couch is perfect!

And sometimes he needs to get in a paper bag and fight his way out!

Stephen likes to scratch on the scratching post like this . . .
YouTube link 

Silly kitten!!!

Here's something that's making me happy today - new sandals!

Quick Health Update:
I am slowly continuing to get better.
I have had THREE extremely full days in a row, and I am not exhausted yet.
I have been sleeping very well, but I am not flashing "empty - empty - empty".
Six months ago, I wouldn't have been able to handle even *one* day as full as the last three have been!
So thank You, Jesus, for bringing me this far!
I have been able to juice again, but I have to still leave out all vegetables but carrots.
My juice the last two days has been 1 green apple, 2 large carrots, and 1 kiwi.  Yum!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy birthday to me (almost)!

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