Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hieroglyphic Trail

Yesterday I went for a hike with Juildeen!
We hiked the Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountains. 
In fact, in spite of the national government shut-down, we hiked in a national forest!

The view was beautiful!
We told God what a great job He did making the mountains!

We saw a type of lizard I have never seen before!
He was a beautiful color of green.
I imagine he's pretty rare to see because he probably hibernates in the winter (when I usually hike).
Yesterday the high was 93, so it was a little hot for the hike we did.  
But it was Juildeen's Fall Break, so she was available!

At the top of the trail, there are very old native American drawings on the rocks.
The drawings are mostly animals and people.

Here is a close-up of a deer (or something similar):

Here are some people (Juildeen thought they were talking to God!)

We ate our picnic lunch at the top 

Some chipmunks wanted to share!  
Juildeen was very excited about the chipmunk taking the piece of bread she gave him.

After lunch, we walked around a little bit at the top and then went back down.  
Juildeen was a brave explorer! 

We saw a saguaro skeleton, which Juildeen decided had gotten hit by lightning.

 On the way down - still in a good mood in spite of heat and a long walk.
Hooray for Juildeen!

 I'm always proud when Juildeen looks right at the camera - she's so cute!

In other news, I have been working hard on cranking out the next lesson and
printing up backstock so I always have at least one copy of each lesson ready to ship.

Assembly line!

And the weather must be cooling off because Allistair decided to 
climb IN my pajamas with me the other night!

 Stephen, being as silly as ever:

Allistiar, completely wiped out by a whole day of being himself:

 Bjarne hogging the remote:

Claude guarding my shoes for me!
Thanks, Claudie!

And a picture of the shadows on the wall at church on Sunday. 
There are beams holding everything up, and the patterns they make are really pretty!

Health Update: The past two days I have eaten a small raw apple and haven't had a whole lot of negative reaction, so yesterday I decided to make a small Greek salad (cucumber, tomato, black olives, feta, & balsamic vinegar).  I LOVE this combination and have been desperately craving it.  I ate a little bit and the burping started almost immediately. Then the rest of the digestive distress.  So I guess I'm not quite ready for veggies yet.  Oh well, I'll try again in a month or two!

Enjoy your Wednesday! 

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  1. Juldeen is looking quite slim and like a young lady!!!! Looks like you had fun. I'm remiss on commenting even though I look. :-)