Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This video is funny for a couple of different reasons.

#1: Bjarne does this annoyed thing with his tail that looks like his tail has turned into an amazing cat helicopter propeller!

#2: I am in the background (not knowing that Greg was recording), talking like a big nerd about how he refuses to eat like Kaspar in Struvvelpeter and I'm quoting this German poem.  It's a bilingual video!

Struvvelpeter is a hilarious book written in German in the 1800s (I think) that was meant to frighten children into doing the right thing.

Here is an English translation - but I can't vouch for it being as funny.

Kaspar is a character who refuses to eat:

"Ich esse meine Suppe, NEIN!
Ich esse keine Suppe mehr."

[I won't eat my soup - NO!
I am not going to eat any more soup.]

 and eventually DIES.  They put his little soup bowl on his grave.

image from this website

I think my favorite story from this book, though, is the one about the thumb-sucker.
So as not to completely spoil the surprise for you, there is a Scissors-Man who deals with the thumb-sucker in a rather shocking way . . . 

If you need a good laugh, this book is highly recommended!

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  1. You should put that helicoptering tail on youtube. Pretty unusual.