Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tribbles! And Snoozing

We DID play a board game on Thursday night - 
I found this game, unopened, in our game chest!

I bought it at the Star Trek Experience (museum) that used to be in the Las Vegas Hilton when I was there for a conference many years back.  
While I was there, I even got to eat at Quark's bar and chat with some Klingons!

Anyway, everything was all packaged up and brand-new.

The cards are adorable and have facts from the two Tribble episodes
(one from the Original Series, one from Deep Space Nine).

The pencil was engraved - every bit was special and extra fancy!

The weather has been cooler than expected for this time of year this past week - ahh!
It even smelled like fall a couple of mornings when I went for a walk.

My morning path:

The sun is rising later . . .

This is what it looks like when palm fronds get blown out of their trees:

By afternoon, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

This week I saw this scary little (not so little!) girl on a huge web.
This one is probably an Orb Weaver.
I don't love spiders (though tarantulas are pretty cool and interesting and 
I do love that most spiders eat other icky bugs.

The cats have been watching birdies and sleeping a lot (as usual!)
And, as usual, I think they're super cute and I take lots of photos of them.

Four, watching morning doves out the back door.
left to right: Allistair, Claude, Juvy, Stephen:

 Today has been full of laundry and tidying (Christie) and
sleeping and reading (Greg)!
Greg hasn't been sleeping well for the past week or so, and today was a nice day of catching up for him.

He took a loooong nap with three cats!
I don't think there's a better way to nap unless it's with MORE than three cats.  

Juvy slept in her basket during the hot part of the day
(though it only got to 102).

This is how things looked around here today:

From the other direction:

Allistair gained a lot of weight while we were in Minnesota, so he's been cut off from easy-access food.  We put food on the dryer (he doesn't like to jump) and in the master bathroom, so he CAN have it if he wants to, but it isn't just there all the time, reminding him to eat.
Sometimes he sits right by the water bowl and gazes at us forelornly.

My skin has been extra dry (AGAIN),
so I did some more research and started again on these two supplements, both of which have some science behind them as far as dry and irritable skin.
I'll keep you informed after a couple of weeks have passed.

Happy Saturday!

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