Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blue Tree

Our Christmas tree is up and lit!
And I put lights in the reeds in the pot over by the bookcase, too.

Juvy watching the world go by
(with Christmas lights!)

Our tree is short, so it's sitting on top of the round coffee table and I'm using the rectangular coffee table in front of the couch.  I put a fuzzy faux-sheepskin throw on the bottom shelf and the cats are using it as a place to hide/sleep. 

This is the time of year when balloonists are out and about in the chilly morning air.
I saw this one on the way to church last week.

And this past Sunday, I saw this one!

Here's what I wore to church, by the way.
It was chilly, so I wore three layers.

Dress, jacket, light coat.
dress: Calvin Klein
jacket: Tulle
coat: Tulle
shoes: Aerosole
bag: Betsey Johnson

I was pleased with the color combo!

Here's what I've been reading lately.
It was a birthday gift and I'm reading it slowly and savoring it.
I love reading about nutrition and health, and this book has a chapter for each of the 16 most deadly diseases/conditions and then gives all the sciences on how to prevent each one of them or deal with them once a person has them.
It's full of hope and encouragement and science!
find it here

Christmas means lots of boxes!
Claude liked this one . . . 

And I ended up putting the gold bench here between the kitchen and dining room under the cuckoo clock!  Allistair and Stephen already like it.

Claude prefers the bed.

I got some new shoes!

And they're sparkly!
Thanks, Target!

We've had a number of rainy days here lately,
and we love it!

Yesterday was raining and only got to a high of 52!
I think it's still in the 50s today, too.

This is very unusual for us, but it definitely
feels and smells Christmassy!

It's in the 30s in the morning.
This morning when I went for a walk, it was only 34!
I definitely bundled up.

Juvy is enjoying being inside when it's chilly.

On Sunday, there was snow on the mountains!
Superstition Mountains

Four Peaks

Here's what I wore yesterday to run errands in the rain:
pants: SoHo Apparel
sweater: Merona from Target
shoes: Target
socks: Target
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction from Ross
coat: DKNY from consignment store TurnStyle

Allistiar has taken to coming over to the door while Greg's putting on his shoes to leave for work.  Allistair sits on the front rug and tries to prevent Greg from being able to open the door, and then once Greg leaves, Allistiar gazes at the door sadly.
It's very very cute.

May you have someone in your life who gazes longingly at the door after you leave!

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