Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!!!
Click here to see the little bedtime story video I made called,
"Christmas Is Because Of Jesus!"

It's part of the Chirp Curriculum.

This is an example of a MiniBook, which students make in class to take home with them so they can read the story over and over with their families.  

Repetition is the mother of learning, after all!

Greg invited a bunch of his work friends over on Christmas Day because many of them are from India, so they're not close to family members and they don't have Christmas traditions.

We hope to share some of ours with them - as well as some games, Foosball, and fun.

We've been cleaning up a storm!

I got some little bitty succulents to add some green to our living space.

Can you spot them on the counter?

My office is finally cleaned up and tidy again after the Grand Reorganization of 2015.

We've also been planning food (mostly vegetarian/vegan).

I've never planned a veggie party before, so this has been fun.

I've already made brownies and pumpkin muffins.
Tomorrow I will be making a meal my family of origin has always had on Christmas Eve, chalupas.  It's a TexMex meal of pork and beans, simmered all day on the stove with spices, served over corn chips and with veggies piled on top.  I'm going to add a second kind of beans to the mix and leave the pork out and see what happens . . . I'm going to make some shredded chicken on the side in case people want some (Greg will!)  I'm also planning guacamole, chips and salsa, hummus and fresh veggies, and fruit and peanut butter.  Should be plenty of food, I think!
I'll take lots of photos tomorrow.

Cats love having both of us home.

Allistair naps no matter what's going on around him!

As does Stephen.
look closely and you can see his little pink tongue poking out!

Claude swiped the best seat in the house - the laundry basket!

Juvy likes resting on the blankie under the coffee table.

And she has a pink tongue poking out, too!

Here is some belly for you to rub . . . 

Merry Christmas!

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