Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Decorations Going Up!

Happy December!!!!

I had a not-feeling-great weekend, and in order to get some sunshine,
I laid out on a blanket in the backyard.

Juvy LOVES having someone outside in her domain with her!

She slept on my belly.

I also rested inside on the couch, reading this wonderful book I got for my birthday.

 I had a hot water bottle by my feet, and all the cats wanted some of that!

Sweet soft Juvy belly:

Stephen found the early-morning sunshine in my office!

It has been very chilly (even COLD)
in the mornings.
Over the weekend, it was 38 when I woke up.  Today it was 34!

On Sunday while I was managing a crazy wild classroom full of crazy wild students, 
Greg put up the Christmas lights outside for me;
what a wonderful, thoughtful man!

Over the past few days, I've been installing Christmas decorations throughout the house.

Pillows . . .  

 Allistair explored the new gold storage bench I found at Ross . . . 
check back to see where I put it!

 A new wreath and front-door rug, found at Target.

This wreath was EXACTLY what I was looking for
and it was EIGHT DOLLARS!

My little modern ceramic and gold village:

I put some lights in the branches I have in the corner next to the bookcase:

And our stockings (teeny ones!) are in the bookcase, too.
Since it's the focus of the room, and since we don't have a fireplace,
the bookcase seemed like the right option!

A sweet snowman pillow, cross-stitched by my talented Mom:

A little lighted ceramic Christmas tree that used to belong to my Grandmother:

More decorations to come!

I made some great, simple new healthy food things this week already.

I made a rice bowl with brown rice (short grained so it gets fluffy)
steamed veggies, and gluten-free soy sauce (Bragg's liquid aminos, actually).
I ate it with a baked sweet potato (I like them with ketchup!)
Yum yum yum.

And then I tried a homemade cornbread to have with our chili last night.
I was surprised that it turned out so well, considering that it was gluten-free and egg-free!

It looked bumpy and strange before I baked it, but it was tasty and sweet and it was the perfect foil for the spicy chili Greg ate and the pumpkin soup I ate!

Greg had three big hunks!
I love it when I feed him well.

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