Monday, November 30, 2015

Polenta Fries & New Jammies

I forgot to post this photo earlier -
I am thankful for you taking the time to keep up with Greg & me.
We enjoy documenting our lives and having this visual reminder of our experiences, but it's more fun when you're reading along!
(Yes, that's a crocheted turkey hat, and YES, I put it on each year to celebrate Turkey Day!)

I got some new jim-jams at Target recently . . . 
they're a beautiful mix of blue and gray with a GOLD stripe running through the plaid!

The top's a little short for my longish torso,
and the material is extra wrinkly,
but I still like them.

Though I put a different set of jammies on my Christmas list -
these are still from Target, but they are made of a different material and they fit better.

Plus, could this pattern be any cuter?!

I used a new product this past week - polenta!
It's corn meal, pressed into a cylinder and cooked.
I cut it into fries and baked it like fries with salt and pepper.

They got crispy (quicker than I expected - oops!)
and were delicious with ketchup.
The texture was very chewy and I don't do super great with corn-based things, so I probably will stick with baked potato fries and baked sweet potato fries.

I also have been revamping and cleaning my office (also the guest room).
I hung up these photos in lovely frames in a tiny area between my desk and the bookshelf
(one whole wall of my office is covered in bookshelves, which hold curriculum binders and supplies, as well as professional resources).
I took these photos at a vacation on the lake with my extended family and they always
help me take a deep breath and remain calm.

Then I hung up some meaningful decorative objects on the wall behind my desk.
The plaque says "Christie: Follower of Christ" and it has a verse that's meaningful to me.
The little hanging says, "Make a joyful noise until the Lord," which is also a Bible verse.

It certainly is more fun to work in here when the room feels organized and serene
(though it's a highly used room and it's a constant JOB keeping it organized and serene - most of the time I don't succeed!)

The full moon definitely affected our classroom on Sunday . . . 
our students were WILD!
Hope your life isn't wild this week (except in the areas you WANT to be wild!!!)

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