Tuesday, November 10, 2015


My first full day in Minnesota was packed full of fun stuff.
 I was a little concerned that I wouldn't have enough energy for it all, but I did well.

I snapped a quick picture of my outfit in the mirror that's hiding in my parents' office closet.
They just moved into their new house and it looks gorgeous already, but some of the little details aren't quite how they will be.
better picture of outfit later

My Dad and I took off in the late morning to go to Whole Foods for groceries for the week.

Their new street is beautiful.

We saw Canadian Geese, all congregated and majestic.

Got the groceries and had lots of fun in the process, 
exploring the new neighborhood.

My Dad's Chorus had a Veteran's Day performance at a church in Stillwater, Minnesota, so I got to go!  We were all happy to share some time together.

This is the big hill in Stillwater that slopes right down to the St. Croix river (pronounced "saint croy").

It was a brisk fall day with temperatures right around 55.
Isn't that tie cool?

There are MANY old churches in Stillwater; some are still functioning as churches and some are not.
This one has been converted into apartments!

Here's the front door:

Beautiful vines were growing on the wall.

And they had little berries.

We snuck into the hall, and the stained glass windows lit the building with pretty colors.

There was a stairway leading up to the next levels,
accessible only by key.

I like how these windows are different sizes.

This is the church my Dad sang in:
 We walked down the big hill towards the river.
This was drawn on the sidewalk.
Yep, it's a happy, sunshiny day!

There's the river!

Here's one of the cute little streets in Stillwater.

This is the lift bridge that is currently used to cross the river into Wisconsin
(that's Wisconsin on the other side!)
The bridge rises up in the middle to let tall boats pass underneath.
It's REALLY old and not wide enough for all the traffic that needs to pass over it nowadays, so they're building a new one a little further down the river.

Closer to the water, it looks like this:

Here's the new bridge, under construction!
It's weird that they're building it from each side to meet in the middle.
The organization and know-how that it takes to create and build something like that is astounding to me.

This is a wavy apartment building I thought was neat.

There are lots of steeples in Stillwater.
In this view, I counted five or six.

I love how there are different styles of churches.

We had to get there a little early for the rehearsal, so Mom and I walked around; 
there was a lot to see!

Little gates
(I'm sure this one led to an enchanted garden!)

Strange doors with nothing on each side . . . 

One side:

Other side:

It just led to this walkway, which led to the fire escape!


Even flowers (strange, considering how chilly it was!)

We walked past the Lowell Inn.
My friend Kent took me there after prom when I was a junior in High School.
It was pretty fancy.

Here's the marina (emptied out for the winter): 

On the way back up the big hill, we saw this tree that looked like he was resting one butt cheek on the curb.

"I'm just really tired because I've been standing here for 100 years.
I think it's probably acceptable for me to rest ONE BUTTOCK, don't you?!"

This is the beautiful church were my Dad sang:

My Mom and I were happy to be there!

The inside walkway was pretty, too - live plants!

Here's a better photo of what I wore
(outerwear included!)
sweater: from Macy's
pants: SoHo from Ross
socks: Target
shoes: Aerosoles
scarf: WalMart (gift from Juildeen and her Grandma, Elaine)
coat: Target (gift from my Mom and Dad!)
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

 Without the coat:

Love this statement:

This background is GORGEOUS and inspiring to me.
It is made from rock, and it looks like the sunrise (Sonrise?)

The skylight had blinds over it.  Look at this soaring ceiling!

Pipe organ:

And then we got to hear the beautiful singing!
They sing in four-part harmony, and it was all patriotic songs for this occasion.
I cried more than once.

My Dad is the tall, handsome one in the back row.

My Dad is once again the tall, handsome one in the back row!

I've been in Lutheran churches, before, but I don't recall having seen a "reenactment" of the 95 Theses Martin Luther posted on the doors of the  Schlosskirche (All Saints' Church) in Wittenburg, Germany, in 1517.

That's Herr Luther himself on the right upper side:

He's a man I very much admire.
He stood up against the spiritual abuse that was taking place in the Catholic Church at the time and enabled everyday people to meet God.

Here are the 95 Theses (in English):

Here's a list of things that shouldn't be done by God's people:

Here's an English translation of his comments to the church leaders of the time:

Here's a depiction of what the church leaders of the time were doing (on the right)
versus what JESUS did while He was on earth (on the left):

People who follow Jesus should be doing what Jesus would do!

I believe Martin Luther is one of the many reasons I know Jesus today.
Even though he looks pretty crabby.

Beautiful window facing the apartment church!

What a great day and a pretty town!

Bye for now, Stillwater!

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