Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pumpkin Recycling & Shopping

On Monday, my special Auntie Cindy came over to see us.
She brought lovely yummy food for my Mom and Dad and me (gluten-free brownie bites!) and enjoyed seeing my parents' place in process.

She helped shop for the bedroom decor:

And she appreciated the big clock over the fireplace:

I get to see her again on Thursday, when she'll pick me up.  We'll go to lunch and then to see her new place.  I've heard a lot about it, but I'm excited to finally see it!

Here's my Dad's favorite reading spot.  It's almost always sunny and deliciously warm.

Not the best lighting, but this is the current living room set-up:

Here is the dining room and hall to the front door:

Kitchen cooking area:

Kitchen eating area:

Here's what I wore on Monday:
I'm very predictable because I have a uniform!
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: Target
pants: SoHo from Ross
socks: Target
shoes: Aerosoles
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

I LOVE it that my parents have a basket full of timers
to use on the many little lamps dotted around their house.
It makes it very cozy so it feels like a warm nest.
I love to put little lamps on timers at my house, too!

My Mom and I decided to head out for a little shopping.
On the way, we dropped off my parents' pumpkins in the pumpkin recycling pile!

There were some great pumpkins in the recycling pile.

Here's Yoda!

And Chewbacca!

And an alien, complete with green antennae!

Of COURSE, we went to Target!

I considered some sparkly sneakers, but decided I needed to sleep on it.
They look really cute in this photo; I'm just not sure they're comfy enough.

Here they are with the outfit I wore on Monday:

We got tired and sat down for a drink.

If I drank coffee or more hot tea or if I didn't already have 100 mugs at my house that I love dearly, I would have snapped up one of these beauties.
Love the colors, the design, and the memories!!!

I was impressed that Target had this cart, equipped with a seat for a larger-sized disabled person.

So a parent can shop with an older child who has disabilities, for example.

I got a little teary when I saw that.
I'm slightly emotionally sensitive at the moment, and this is one of the things lately that got me.

Then we went to Home Goods, where I saw this super-dee-duper cat house/scratcher.
I'm going to look for a similar one when I get home.
It's good looking *and* functional!

As a late-night snack, I made these banana-cherry-chocolate frozen desserts.
Beautiful and delicious!

I hope you ended your day with something sweet today!

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