Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mad Monster Party

Last night was our "scary" movie night.
I don't like scary movies at all, so this is as terrifying as it gets.
"Mad Monster Party" is a Rankin stop-action claymation one from the 60s that never became really popular (because the plot is horrible and there are absolutely awful songs and both Phyllis Diller's character and her voice are grating and horrrrrrrrrrrible), but it's funny and silly.
The good bits make up for the bad parts.

While I was cleaning and doing laundry, we had "Frankenweenie" on in the background.
Great visuals, great music, a funny dog (back from the dead!), and really a lot of darkly funny lines.  Not for everyone, but Greg & I dig it.

We have had some beautiful sunny weather lately in the low-80s.

It makes our resident hummingbird (and all the rest of our birdies) very happy!
He sits in the verrrry tippee top of the Sweet Acacia tree.

Here's the Sweet Acacia tree in front of our house.

And look who's in the window, looking out! - Claude!

Welcome . . . come right in!

Juvy won't like you right away, but if you're a woman, she'll get used to you.
She doesn't like any men except Daddy.

Claude will come around after you've been here for awhile 
to sniff you and roll on your shoes.

While you're here, she's likely to sleep on the end of "her" bed like the princess she is.

prim & proper

Allistair is likely to be very interested in you when you come over, and if you're lucky, he will crawl up next to you on the couch so you can rub his belly.
Or he might watch birdies from underneath the curtain!

Or he might be sitting on the back of the couch, adding beauty to the surroundings.
(Notice a sneak appearance by Greg, reading Reddit in the hall!)

Or maybe there will be no room for you on the couch at all because Allistair will be taking it all up!

Stephen will probably be under the bed, but if you use your inside voice and pretend you don't see him, he might come out to watch birdies.

Greg bought me this great game for my birthday and we played it Friday night.
It's sort of like Clue, but with Sherlock Holmes themes and locations.

Greg read all the rules out loud so we would know how to play.

Here's the equipment!

I was the deerstalker hat!

We're not exactly sure who won because we didn't know exactly how to report our findings the first game, but now we will know better next time!  And we had fun.

In addition to the sunny weather, we've had some rain.

Rain requires cuddles!

My brother, Mark, and his family bought me this cool new spiralizer for my birthday!

It makes things like this!

Here's how it looks while I'm slicing something into awesome spirals.
Please excuse the lack of sound; I had my finger over the microphone on the camera.

 Don't worry, Cora; Auntie Christie was very careful with the sharp blade!

The chilly weather means it's time to change things up for Autumn.

I put more blankets on the bed.

And I get to LAYER!!!!
Arranging outfits is MUCH more fun with layers!
Yay, my favorite time of the year has finally arrived!

Outfit from last week:
dress: unknown - I cut out the tags! purchased at Ross, of course
sweater: Merona for Target
glasses: Kate Spade

I love dots as a contrasting pattern as long as the colors are cohesive.

Wow!  More dots!
Church last Sunday:
dress: Maggy London
jacket: Tulle
shoes: Aerosole
bag: Betsey Johnson

 I was happy that my Bible, my jacket, and my notebook were all pink and that my notebook and dress both had dots!!!
It really doesn't take a lot to make it a great day.

Here is that same black-and-white dot weather with a different dress
and booties.  It feels weird to wear booties with a dress, but I've seen it on stylish woman and liked it as long as the booties were low-cut.
sweater: Merona at Target
dress: Calvin Klein
booties: Born

The above outfit I used this bag, by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

And here's the same dress with a different topper . . . 
I really like these corduroy jackets and I now have three colors; 
they're the perfect weight/warmth for Arizona fall/winter:
dress: Calvin Klein
jacket: Tulle
shoes: Aerosole
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

New Topic: Home Decor - 
I bought a new decoration for the dining room table; this beautiful gold and white ceramic tree!
I have a tree theme going in our house, and a gold accent, so it fits in perfectly, as if it had been created just for me.  I love items like that! 
It's making me happy every time I see it.
Good for Christmas, but good all year round because it fits the theme and atmosphere of our home.


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