Saturday, November 14, 2015

Auntie Cindy's Day

I woke up suuuuuper early on Thursday for no good reason (6:30, which is 5:30 Arizona time).
I couldn't sleep any more, so I did some yoga and read for a long time and had some time with God and then got up to take a shower and laze around some more with my parents.

It was a lovely CHILLY WINDY day.
Very blustery.

My parents have just moved into their new house, and they borrowed boxes from all over the place.  This one apparently contained "lightballs"! 

My Auntie Cindy came over and we went to lunch. 
Their Panera has a fireplace - and I needed it.
I left my coat on the entire time.

See why I say I have good genes?

My dear cousin Ryan (closest to me in age of my cousins and only slightly younger)
and his family (and my uncle Ron!) all made themselves available for a bit in the afternoon so I could stop by and see their fancied-up house and their lovely family.
It's amazing that we've somehow all grown into functioning adults!

Thanks for taking the time to see me and thank you for your hospitality, Ryan, Jennifer, Gavin, and Caylie (and uncle Ron)!

Then Cindy, my Aunt, took me to her cute new place.
I am happy to know where she's living now and to be able to picture it in my head.

Thanks for spending time with me on this special day, Auntie Cindy and family!

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