Monday, November 9, 2015

Minnesota Again

How could I leave all this sweetness?

Well, somehow I did!

My Mom is having some more medical stuff done and I decided spur-of-the-moment
on Thursday to fly out on Saturday.

And I did!

Packing was a bit haphazard, but I didn't forget anything major.
I've packed enough times that I have a pretty good routine down.

Made it to the airport and this is what I wore:
blouse: Merona, Target
pants: SoHo, from Ross
jacket: Tulle from eBay
socks: Target
shoes: Aerosoles
big gold tote bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Jacket on: 

I love the bitty little airplanes on the carpet in the Phoenix airport:

United is now boarding in a much smarter way.
Another passenger asked how the numbers are divided up.
The lady said 1 and 2 are special frequent travellers.  
The rest are based on which seat the passenger has.  
3 is for the window seats.  
4 is for center seats.
And 5 is for the aisle seats!
Very smart!!!

I stopped by Denver, Colorado, just for fun.
Many of the people there were just as I expected: modern hippies.
The young guy sitting next to me while waiting to board was reading a book on lentil farming.
I fit right in.

Then off I went to Minneapolis!

Where a lovely warm bed was waiting for me!

It's nice a CHILLY here (in the 50s today) and it was beautiful to watch and hear the leaves rustle as they rolled down the road.  

Welcome to Minnesota!

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