Tuesday, November 10, 2015


On our way to the hospital, the sunrise was fabulous.

We arrived on time.

The hallway speakers play nature sounds (birdsong and running water).

There is a fountain in the main lobby.

She was checking in at 7:30.

We waited.

 Once she got into her pre-op room, the nurses put on a Bair Paws unit.
It's a poncho that warm air gets piped into through this tube.
Neat invention!

And then it was procedure time. 
 The waiting room had beautiful soothing calm music playing and we found one with no blaring TV or chatty people, so I didn't need to leave my iPod earbuds in the whole time.

I had a new book to read to occupy me during the wait so I wasn't too antsy.
It was a great read - funny, touching, encouraging, uplifting, challenging.
Everything I want books to be!

 I like to be as pretty as possible on challenging days, and this was no exception.
I love to create outfits when I can dress for cool (or chilly or cold!) weather!
It's very different from just throwing on a dress and ballet flats every day (though it's nice to have a uniform that's appropriate and easy!)
as usual!
sweater: Merona from Target
blouse: Merona from Target
pants: SoHo from Ross
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
jacket: Tulle

socks: Target
shoes: Aerosoles

I love all these small prints in similar colors together
and the addition of the autumn gold and olive!

These pants are super extra neat-o fancy because they're gray in the front and
black along the sides and back!
Also, they're very stretchy, so they're comfortable, but they are made out of slightly shiny material, so they look dressy.

Taken in one of those camera mirror balls in the corner of the hallways
(so the nurses charging about with people on rolling beds don't crash into each other!)

Mom got done and was eating crackers and drinking lots of water when we next saw her.

I went for a little walk at this point and enjoyed the "healing overlook":

I liked this little card, which had a prayer by St. Francis on the back.

There's a little garden outside - 
the Visual Healing Garden!

It's not in bloom, since it's so chilly, but it's still a nice bit of nature right there.

There was a painting on the wall that reminded me of home!

And then it was time to be released!

Dad got the car really hot and we headed off home!

Not too many hiccups along the way, and we're praying it stays that way!

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