Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Spring Walk

Beautiful palm trees and blue sky!
Perhaps this can help you in colder climates feel as if you are on vacation.

I walked this morning after the sun came up, and it was lovely.

Sweet Acacia trees are in bloom:

Chinese Elm trees are leafed out:

Red Yuccas are blossoming: 

Hummingbirds love these. 

Curved Bill Thrashers are active! 

Mockingbirds are active, too!

This is some great zoom-age right here!

Happy little birdie! 

Dwarf palm trees are developing their strange flowers/fruits: 

Their fan leaves are pretty: 

The citrus are fruiting out . . . 
and we can all tell because we're sniffling and sneezing.
Citrus blossoms smell great, but in a sickly sweet sort of sneezy way.
They cause a lot of allergy symptoms! 


(or maybe big lemons?):

Big palm tree: 

Someone lost some balloons:

Interesting tree bark: 


I think it's odd how leaves develop on the tips of the branches first.

Flower beds are in their last glory for the year before the 
summer sun scorches them to death.

 I found a nickle!

Pink oleander shrubs are blooming, too.
They are almost always blooming. 

I can't get over the clear brilliant blue of the sky! 

This is my neighborhood.  I like how the mountains are visible through the houses.
Those mountains are very far away. 

Yellow Lantana.
Pretty, but they attract whiteflies and have sticky sap - yuck!

 The turn into our neighborhood has flowers, too.

And look what I found in our gold starburst sculpture this morning!
Cat fur!
Someone (Claude, our only long-haired cat) has been brushing herself!!!

We caught Allistair using it for this purpose, too . . . weird, but useful!

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