Sunday, April 17, 2016


Allistair found a new place to nap!

There are comfy cat-friendly napping places everywhere in our house.

Allistair decided that this stack of books was the perfect thing
to prop himself up (so he looks suave).

 The other night, Daddy was out for a while, and Allistair (and Wanda the Whale)
went over and hung out in Daddy's slippers.
Sometimes it makes us feel less lonely to be near the people we love.

Getting ready for our trip in a while, Greg took the Visiting Driver Training Programme for New Zealand.
It was hilarious; obviously the Kiwis have a great sense of humor. 

As he got answers right, he won things . . . like a whale tail! 

They even used a "Lord Of The Rings" scene in the programme!
Do you see Gandalf, the Wizard?

Here's a close-up!

 While I was washing the bedding on Saturday, Allistair couldn't find a nice place to sleep, so he made do with this spot.

It sure was cute!

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