Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fuzzy Sleepers

Stephen has been enjoying "helping" me work.

He lies there and smile at me like this . . . 

And then he uses his eyes to ask, "Why are you not petting me?" 

It's hard to come up with an appropriate answer.

 Allistair also talks with his eyes.

"You are too close."

 "Please keep it down.  I'm trying to sleep."

"I'm doing yoga, too . . . oh, I think I have fallen into the corpse pose.

Here is an outfit from last week I found on my camera.
I haven't worn this dress in a while, and I really like it!
The only issue I discovered is that it's starting to show wear (fabric balling a little).
So I'll wear it for home days and not out days. 
Perhaps it will become a Saturday dress.
dress: from Macy's
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction from Ross

I really like pairing navies with bright green. 

And I love the shape of this bag.

We've been catching up on yardwork, and the yard is really pretty right now!

The cacti are blooming.
This cactus is teeny tiny and its flowers are HUGE!

Our red yucca is also blooming.
Hummingbirds and verdin love these, so I do, too!

Here's the end of the red yucca stalk that grows up a few times per year for the birds to eat:

Here are some tiny feathery sweet acacia leaves:

Here's that tree from farther away:

The sky was a beautiful blue while we were working out there,
but the clouds were a-buildin'
and it rained the next day. 

 Here's AFTER the yardwork:

And our Gila Woodpecker has been eating on the yucca flowers every day!

We also discovered that there are actually TWO Gila Woodpeckers.  This one is the female because she doesn't have a red spot on her head or a yellow belly.  We have a PAIR! 

We love her!  It's like having our very own nature preserve!

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