Sunday, July 9, 2017

Canyon Lake Solo

I headed out solo for a wander near Canyon Lake.
It might be my new favorite hike because it's pretty and not too strenuous.
Also, I've never seen other hikers besides my group on the path we take.

The drive there is beautiful.

And it's surprising and exciting every time to come around the bend and see the big
cool lake, surrounded by mountains!

I parked right by the lake.
The "trail" (directions say to follow the route of the water drainage)
starts right across the road from where I park.

This time of year there was a lot of singed yellow grass.

Cool texture!

Really cool lichen, too.

I love how different the lake looks from the lakes I grew up with in Minnesota.
Both types are gorgeous, just in different ways.
I must admit that the dry, yellow & brown beauty of the desert took some years to grow on me.

Look at this cool yellow lichen growing on the rock overlooking the lake! 

I found some quartz.  Nice & sparkly.

After a bit of a wander, it was time to head home.

I stopped a couple of times along the side of the road to take photos because the views are incredible.

I probably won't see these views again until at least October,
when the weather typically starts to cool down a bit!

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