Thursday, February 15, 2018

SuperBowl Party & Shopping With Mom

First I have to say that my parents brought me beautiful tulips while I was recovering from the flu!
It's a HUGE BLESSING to have them nearby in the winter.  They bring me lots of joy.

We always celebrate the Super Bowl as if it's a holiday because we 
don't get to spend every holiday together.  

I made these yummy chocolate chip cookie bars.
They dried out really quickly, but they were GOOD, so I'll try to make them again but I'll add moisture somehow.

My parents' place is comfy and fancy at the same time.
Their house in Minnesota is the same way.

They had prepared lots of snacks!!!

See my feet?

By halftime, Mom and I were back with pizza! 

We got pretty relaxed and enjoyed ourselves fully!

On to our most recent shopping adventure!
But first: beautiful scissors.
A number of pairs of scissors at our house have broken lately,
and I wanted PRETTY ones!

This is just funny - while creating my morning smoothie, I spilled the
amla powder alllllll over.  Thankfully I didn't waste much.

My Mom and I got to shop together again!
My brother and his sweet family are coming to visit us in Arizona
soon, so we bought some goodies . . . 

Of course, we had to try some stuff on, too.

Here's what I was wearing:
t-shirt: Maison Jules (Macy's)
skirt: Rekucci (Amazon)
bag: ABage (Amazon)
shoes: Target

We then went to Panera, where we ate nummy food.

Even though it's right on a busy road and right next to a mall, the view was nice.

We didn't want to miss Target!!!
And I tried on a beard, which I rather liked.

There we are in the creepy self-check-out camera monitors . . . 

Other than those fun things, I've been working and snuggling cats.
Look at those sweet babies!
Stephen & Allistair

They have been getting snuggles from Daddy, too.
Juvy, Claude

Even squeezing in behind him on his chair.

And sitting on his computer.

They like to be with me in my office during the day while I'm working.
Stephen, Allistair, Juvy, Claude

Sometimes getting pretty relaxed!

We have been very much enjoying the Olympics around here, too!
Sometimes along with Pinterest or reading blogs/reddit.


(We don't really let Allistair control the remote;
he forgets to mute the commercials!)



Look at Claude's magnificent tail!

Stephen has been inventing new ways to droop off things . . . 

The weather has cooled off a bit for a while, which is LOVELY.
It was far too warm most of January and February so far, 
and it didn't feel as if we had a winter at all this year.

One of our Chinese Elm trees.

I have tried a couple of new recipes, some of which didn't turn out.
This one did, though: it's a thick lentil stew,
which I ate on top of mashed potatoes (no butter or milk).
I'm pretty hungry right now and this photo is making my stomach growl!

Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, we had RAIN!!! 

I took some flowers over to my parents.
My Mom had created these beautiful centerpieces 
for a Valentine's Day party in their community.
She's extra super great at anything with decorating, home design, 
furniture arrangement, or entertaining/hosting.
(Plus lots of other things!)


They bought me a gift, too: this little tray of (faux) succulents!
Adorable and unkillable!!!
They look GREAT on the coffee table.

And now to close out this post, MORE CUTE CATS!!!

Our new bird feeder has been attracting the birds, even
though it's attached (via suction cups) directly to the window
and there are often cats sitting right there.







I hope you have a relaxing evening like ours - filled with fuzzy sweetness from 
furry family members.

Though human cuddles are often even better!

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