Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Slow Month

I'm grateful for extra super cute and loving cats to appreciate when I have to
take things slow.

I have done a little bit each day, but this whole month (plus) has
been not that great health-wise.  Wish I could say why (that would perhaps
lead to a solution!), but I can't.  I'm having some different symptoms
that I hope will be explained after the blood work I had today.

I did a video on what I do to help myself feel better,
and I think I need to rewatch it!

Today I feel a little bit more alive.

While I was assembling curriculum binders the other day,
Allistair created a little nest for himself.

Stephen just laid around being ADORABLE with his little pink tongue poking out.

Greg caught this photo of three cats on the bed, waiting for me
to join them for an evening reading and snuggling session.

I remembered to take a couple of outfit photos this week of outfits I really liked
and felt cute in.
Here's Sunday's outfit.
top: Tommy Hilfiger (Macy's)
skirt: Rekucci (Amazon)

I finally made it out to do a good shop - I hadn't done much shopping except for groceries in
a long time, and I find it calming even if I don't buy anything (especially if I haven't been getting out of the house much).
I went to Ross first, where I took this photo.
top: Tommy Hilfiger (Macy's)
skirt: Rekucci (Amazon)
bag: ABage (Amazon)
shoes: Target

Can you see me?

Then I went to Macy's.
I had to return a swim suit that I bought and hated, but of course, 
as long as I was there, I browsed.

This top is by Tommy Hilfiger.
The main part of the top is striped jersey material, but the sleeves are embroidered
blue cotton!

And look at the back!!!
It has a lace-up design, and the blue embroidered-ness continues.
I think it's interesting and adorable.
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I also bought this top (which I'm am wearing as I type this).

Oops - this one is slightly blurry, but you can see the little white/pink hearts and the
dainty bell sleeve.
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At Ross I found these FABULOUS WONDERFUL "rugs".
They are actually squishy chef mats!!!
So when I'm chopping veggies and washing dishes, I can stand on something
nice and soft and giving rather than hard tile.
Though I love our flooring, it is hard on the feet, especially on long holiday cooking days.

I LOVE the faux faded distressed Persian rug style!

This smaller one ended up in front of the fridge.

That's all for now, folks!
I wish you a lovely evening, and I hope you're feeling healthy and happy.

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