Monday, January 28, 2013

Camisole Prey

It's been RAINING on and off for FOUR DAYS!  In fact, Greg figured out last night that we have gotten approximately 1/5 of our annual precipitation in just the last four days (though our annual rainfall is only around six inches).  I also discovered that August (monsoon month) is the most rainy month in Chandler, Arizona, and that January and March are almost equal in second place (January slightly rainier than March).  

Chilly, rainy days make the kitties want to snuggle . . . but then, kitties always like sleeping and snuggling!
Allistair's cute widdle nosey

Bjarne all relaxed

Baltazar close-up

Bjarne again

Allistair collapsed

Sometimes Stephen just needs to sit RIGHT ON TOP of someone (in this case, Baltazar!)

When Stephen gets relaxed, he forgets to keep his tongue in his mouth . . . CUTE!

And Baltazar may not be sure about the kittens sometimes, but when a sleepy little Allistair curls up next to him, he doesn't say no.  I like how Baltazar's tail is wrapped around Allistair like a seat belt.

Juildeen came over on Friday, and this week we made smoothies.

When I asked her what we put in the blender, she gave me a surprising answer!

I decided I need more vegetables in my daily rotation, and I started out by having a fruit smoothie that I sneaked spinach into (I didn't tell myself!)  It tasted delicious (like strawberries and bananas), and the spinach added pretty little green flecks to the smoothie.  I'm going to get kale and other green leafy vegetables at the store when I go next and see what else I can sneak in without myself noticing!

Can you see the pretty green flecks?

On to CATS! 

Allistiar loves to play fetch:

Recently he started to squiggle around on the cat stand like this:

And when he does that, Stephen wants to wrestle.

And here is the reason for the title of this post!  Stephen hunted a prey that was a surprise to us!

And he was obviously very proud of himself!  He holds his head high and steps along on his tip-toes!
Take care and keep warm!

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