Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tumbleweed Tree

I found this photo from around Christmas time, and I had to post it even though it's a month later because it's completely unique to Chandler, Arizona!  Every December, the City of Chandler makes a huge Christmas tree out of tumbleweeds!  They bring in many many tumbleweeds, hook them all together somehow, paint them white, and put on Christmas lights and a star!  Since this was the first Christmas in Arizona for Greg's Mom, we had to take her to see it (also, it's a mile away from our house - it's hard to miss!)  If anyone wants to make plans to see it next year, let us know!  

Time for kittens!

Stephen has decided that he likes to play fetch, too!  His grandma, Juvy, plays fetch with a mousie; his brother, Allistair, plays fetch with any number of interesting mousies; and Stephen has decided that his toy of choice is a hair bandie!

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:


What makes our kittens happy?

What makes Baltazar happy?

Off to Bookman's (big awesome used bookstore) to turn in some books and look for some more . . . 

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