Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rainy Day Snuggles + A Clean Closet!

Hello on a gloomy and drizzly day in the desert!  We don't have a huge number of days like this, and it's perfect.  I am at home working (and doing some laundry).  Just me and the cats (who are all snuggled in and sleeping happily).

Yesterday, when it was sunny and 80 (!), all five inside cats gathered together in my office, where I was working, to peek out the window and sniff the warm air. (From left to right: Baltazar, Claude, Stephen, Allistair, Bjarne)

Later, while I was cleaning the closet (old, ill-fitting clothes OUT!), Bjarne settled in on top of the pillows on the bed.

And Stephen settled in on top of Allistair!

Baltazar sat around looking sleepy.

So I mentioned that I cleaned out the closet . . . 
Look how great it looks!

Here's a funny little thing I found in the closet while I was getting dressed this morning:

And while we were at church this week (our new church meets on the campus of a large high school), I saw this sign in the library.  

I wasn't able to meet with Jessica from our new church because her son had a fever this week.  We did talk some more, though.  We love our new church!  We went to a training on Sunday for an amazing way of doing life groups they have developed - I can't wait to try.
Happy Thursday!

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