Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's Making Me Happy Today?

Well, today I am happy because of:

1.  These new rose-print pants!  Slightly crazy and only $10!  Denim, very stretchy, comfy.
p.s. Mom & Dad, thanks again for the fuzzy warm FUSCHIA slippers!  They are my constant companions.

2.  This hummus!  Delicious with sliced cucumbers (or on boring chicken breasts!)

Look!  Made in Minnesota!

And look again!  "Gluten-free" right on the label!  I love to support companies that print it loud and proud.

3.  These shoes.  Perfect with skinny jeans and only $12 (Ross, you are amazing!)

I'm not sure what Allistiar thinks of the shoes . . . he's hard to read sometimes.

The cats also make me happy every day.  Here are some funny things they have done over the last couple of days.

Allistair has been trying to get out to Juvy.

And Stephen has been hunting more mysterious prey!

We found out that Bjarne has hyperthyroidism, which is why he smelled weird and lost a bunch of weight.  We give him a half a pill a day now, and he's started gaining some weight and being slightly less whiny.  He doesn't smell as icky now, either.  Thankfully the pill he gets is not very expensive and he does a pretty good job letting us shove it down his throat.  Poor little fella.  But he's not as sick as we thought!

If you are in Arizona, enjoy the beautiful 70-degree days!  (Though I hope we have a little more winter before it gets hot!)

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  1. hey lovely! i am LOVING all the skinny jeans you are sporting. so cute! sorry about all your endometriosis stuff. i will be praying for you! sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on your blog. let's hang out again soon. love you tons!