Monday, February 4, 2013



Beautiful blue sky!

Yummy chocolate-chip pancakes with strawberries!

Widdle sleeping kitten nosey!

Sweet roly-poly Juvy!

Video of the roly-poly Juvy:

Curious kittens sniffing the fresh outside air!

Allistair's tail making a fuzzy tiara for Stephen!

Allistair excited about his BIG food dish!

And sometimes kittens make messes . . . but better mess with kittens than constant tidiness with NO kittens!


It seems my endometriosis (the reason I had to have a number of surgeries, medications, and why eventually my uterus and ovaries needed to be removed 11 years ago) has returned with a vengeance - and seemingly overnight!  Please keep me and Greg in your prayers as we find the right specialist and deal AGAIN with a thing we thought was banished forever.

UPDATE (2/5/2013): I was able to get an appointment on FRIDAY with a doctor who specializes in this sort of thing.  I am busy gathering all the medical records from 11 years ago and filling out new paperwork for the new doctor.  Please pray that she will be compassionate and know exactly what to do.  Also please pray for me to be brave.  This illness messes with my hormones and makes me weepy and scared.  THANK YOU for your prayers!

Mom & Dad and Auntie Cindy & Uncle Ron, welcome back from your cruise! xoxo


  1. I especially like the pancakes and the blue sky. Picture perfect!!!!

  2. Finally getting caught up on my blog reading. We are PRAYING for you !!!!!! We LOVE you and know God knows what's happening and He wasn't surprised by this. May you have a peace that passes all understanding. May the Holy Spirit comfort you as He has promised.