Monday, February 25, 2013

New Facility

We got to have a walk-through of our new facility on Sunday morning!  It's beautiful!

I got to see where the classroom for kids with special needs will be (MY classroom!), and got to meet lots of the people who are interested in volunteering with the 1:1 Team.  Great people, lots of excitement.  

Greg checking out wiring and speakers

it's a bit blurry, but you can see the yellow caution tape

What the cabinets in my classroom will look like (mine will all have locks!)

The campus is right across the street from a lovely orange grove! 

The lobby - there is no electricity yet and there was no HEAT, which
did affect us quite a bit because it was only 53 for a high and SUPER windy on Sunday!
And the bathrooms weren't working yet . . .
so that was a problem, too, since we all were cold . . . 

view to the south
(right behind that mountain is San Tan Mountain Regional Park, where I often hike!)

view to the East (Superstition Mountains and some clouds rolling in)

front entrance

facing South-East
(this door is into the junior high area)

And . . . some cute little tucked-in kittens!

Allistair shoved himself so tightly between me and the back of the couch
that his ears folded up like origami!
He looks very aerodynamic!

Can you see Stephen's eyebrows?
They droop down right in front of his eyes!
I think it's adorable.  I wonder if it's annoying to him?


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  1. AWESOME Facility....Great place to show God's love.