Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Creatures

This is my niece, Cora.  She is tiny (but no longer THIS tiny), and the cutest baby I have ever seen.  She looks like all the members of my family all rolled into one tiny little package - amazing!  I made the owl beanie. 

This is Allistair when he was a baby.  Teeny-tiny!

Stephen & Allistair when they were a few months old.

Stephen when he was a baby - he used to ALWAYS have dried food on his face!  My little sweet baby . . .

Here he is even smaller (this is almost in the hissing and spitting time frame for him, when he was terrified of everything).  We must remember that when we snatched them away from their feral Mama (Madge), they had fleas and horrible bad eye infections with swelled-shut eyes and lots of pus so they couldn't see anything.  Stephen was only trying to protect himself and his siblings.  Now he never has to be afraid again!  (Though he isn't friendly with the blow-dryer.)

After we got rid of the fleas and eye infections, we had to wash them . . . these pictures are some of the cutest (and most pathetic) pictures of kittens I've ever seen.  They were very strange-looking alien kittens.

And just for a surprise, here's a horny toad I saw on a hike (Horton Creek trail in northern Arizona)!  Isn't he cute?!  He looks a bit perturbed.

And just for another surprise, here's little Christie (right) and little Mark (her brother and new Daddy) with some animals when we were small!

Health update: I had to cancel the appointment for tomorrow because I didn't get my medical records in time (they had to be shipped from who-knows-where because they're 11 years back!), but I am leaving to pick up my medical records right now (after clicking on "publish post"!) and then I can call every morning to see if the doctor happened to have any cancellations for that day.  They told me they typically do have at least one cancellation, so chances are good I can get in soon.  

Thanks for your prayers.  I have been calm and able to get all the research and preparation done to get this taken care of.

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