Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LOVE Zappos!

Here's your laugh for the day!!!


  1. What they don't do to get our attention. I give the girl a lot of credit for doing it....I don't know if I could have.

  2. "I'm off to find my booty!" You and her should get together since she is looking for her booty, and you've lost your butt hole. ;)

  3. And THANKS to that comment from my brother, I now have to explain the story behind it . . .

    I was all comfy in the grass at the lake a couple of summers ago, and after I got up to get a drink (or a snack, or some sunscreen or whatever), when I got back, I couldn't get comfy again. I kept sitting on rocks or weeds rather than in the comfy spot I had found for my tush previously. I said, "I can't find my butt hole!" I have NEVER heard the end of it!