Saturday, February 9, 2013

Estrella Mountain

Cindy and I went hiking walking this morning.  Because I am pretty achy and tired, we walked slowly for 30 minutes, sat down for 15 minutes to have a small snack, and walked slowly 30 minutes back.  It was still a lot for me in this condition - crazy!  It also was CHILLY!  It's windy today, and we were walking into it on our way in - thus our wrapped-up appearance in the photo above.  Yes, I am wearing the hood of my sweatshirt up over my sun hat! - the wind was tunneling into my ears.  

We investigated the Estrella (pronounced "ess-TRAY-uh") Mountain Regional Park today.  We think they must get more water there than in the southeast Valley, because the cacti were in wonderful shape.  They weren't missing limbs or dead-looking at all.  Here is a Cholla (also known as a "teddy bear cactus" and pronounced, "CHOY-uh").  You can't really tell from this photo, but Cholla are pretty small.  This little guy is only about a foot and a half tall.  But look how pretty he is!  He's darker at the bottom like he was dip-dyed.

Saguaros are BIG, though!

On the way up, the clouds to the north were rolling in.

Some were beautiful, fluffy, and white.

But they became more stormy as we walked back to Cindy's truck.  And now it's cloudy and windy and chilly.  Lovely weather to lie on the couch and read (with the heating pad)!

Can you see how green the mountain is right near the base?

That's because of these little plants growing through the rocks!  
In a couple of months, the hills will have poppies!

Allistair still loves Greg's guitar.  

He plucks the strings with his teeth.

Stephen doesn't have an interest in the guitar as much, but he is SUPER CUTE with his tongue sticking out!!!
elegant + silly = Stephen!

Health update: I drove downtown on Thursday and was able to pick up my medical records from 11 years ago.  They didn't have my hospital records (apparently the hospital records don't go in my file with my regular doctor unless I request it - how dumb!), so I had to drive over to the hospital to request those.  They were able to print out my stuff and give it to me right there.  So I read through everything (sort of overwhelming - AND it looks like there was an additional surgery my doctor recommended in one his last report that was never recommended to me and that therefore was never done . . . ) and Greg scanned it all  so we have copies forever.  Friday morning I called all the doctors I had identified as possible candidates, and was able to get an appointment on Tuesday morning.  Though it's never really FUN to go to the doctor (especially a new one), it is good that we are able to get this circus on the road and get this resolved.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures. Beautiful clouds!!!! Glad you got outside for a little bit anyway.