Saturday, February 23, 2013

Green Desert

Stately Saguaros

Cholla fruit

Saguaro "bones" - what's left over when a Saguaro dies

Then after a while, the bones fall down into a pile.
 Lots of Saguaros die from being hit by lightning.

Cindy with some rocks & cacti - these actually had red spikes!
Usually the red-spiked ones are teeny!

A crumbly old Cholla -
These look like Dr. Seuss trees to me!

The Ocotillos are leafing out!
They all look like they are raising their arms to the sky and celebrating the beautiful weather!

This is what they look like close-up when they are dead.
This Octoillo is NOT celebrating!

You can see how it looks like grass is growing in between the  bushy plants . . . 

This is the close-up of part of the glorious GREEN desert!
If you look closely, it's packed with teeny-tiny white flowers!


My guess is that we hiked about three miles this morning

On to cats!

Bjarne's little nosey

Allistair cuddled right up to Baltazar, who wasn't sure he liked it

Four cats on the couch!
My spot was supposed to be in the middle.

Mr. Blue Eyes
And look at the metallic stars on my jeans!

Allistair was so sleepy that he let me mess with his paws.
He's saying, "I surrender!  But I'm too sleepy to talk about it anymore."

Bjarne's little sleepy face.

Allistair was chilly enough to snuggle up UNDER Baltazar's leg!

And the WEATHER has been weird, too!  Look!

But don't worry; we still enjoyed silly kittens.

Some mornings while I'm getting ready for the day, Allistair follows me around and makes sad little "eep" noises.  Then when I FINALLY sit down, he flops down next to me and purrs as loud as his little purrer can purr!

And Stephen likes to play.  He is a rough-houser.  Claude does not prefer that kind of play because she's a princess.  He tries to be especially cute and engaging, but she just hisses and growls.  Poor little Stephen.

Happy weekend!


  1. LOVE the plant pictures. I've come to appreciate the unique beauty of the desert. Thanks for sharing. Cats look soooooooooo peaceful. You are soooooooo good to them.

    1. Cindy, thanks for checking in! I love the interesting desert plants, too. And when I'm taking plant photos, I always think of you because I know you like them!

  2. Replies
    1. James! Hooray for you, reading my blog! Can you & Mary come over for dinner sometime in the next couple of weeks?