Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alaska: Day Three - at Sea

We were thrilled to find out when we woke up that the scenery outside our window was fantastic!!!
Our first full day on the ship was a sea day.  We didn't get off the ship or go into port.

We did more exploring, and we sat on the topmost deck for awhile, watching for whale spouts (we saw some!) and getting extremely chilly.

We also played shuffleboard!  We definitely aren't very good, but it was fun.

Sea days were the most wavy days because we were farthest from the shore, meaning that the waves were bigger.  They put little containers of barf bags on the stairs (it's the most central place on the ship).

Early on the first full day on the ship, I realized that nothing stayed plugged into the outlet in our cabin.  I also realized that the blow dryer in our room didn't blow hot air.  Eventually, I asked our steward about it, and he got me a replacement.  Greg thought it was funny that I was holding the plug in the outlet with one foot while drying my hair (good thing I am bendy!)  

So obviously from the above pictures, I was wearing this outfit:

For details, see the sweater on the right in the photo below:

I didn't wear the scarf because I had enough layering and patterns going on with the sweater (cable knit), hoodie (striped), and the red trench coat I put over the top of everything!

I got a kick out of wearing dot print jeans and dot print socks, too!

It was the inaugural wearing of my new Gap hoodie that is water resistant and has extra long arms with thumb holes.  Love this thing!  It was super extra warm and cuddly and helpful with all the rain. 

Then it was our first formal night.  The formal nights were on our sea days because there was more time to dress up and get fancy (no adventures off the ship taking up lots of time and energy on sea days).

I happened to thrown a pretty barrette in my bag, and it was a great match for the silvery dress I wore.

Look at the handsome man behind me!

Cora got to enjoy sour cream, guacamole, and chips.  It kept us all entertained!

And when we got back to our room, we had this towel rabbit waiting for us!!!
It was created by our room steward and it was even better in person.

That's Day Three!

***Tune in tomorrow for MENDENHALL GLACIER!***

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