Friday, May 16, 2014

New Toys

We got some wonderful new toys for the babies!

I usually choose pink toys, because all of Allistair's favorite toys (Maisie, for example) have been pink.  He doesn't really gravitate to any toys that aren't pink.  So I bought a pink bear and a pink birdie.

Here is the introduction:

Allistiar finds the silliest places to sleep!
Maisie (his favorite mousie) was in the pile of quilt and towels with him.

Draped over my laptop

Snuggled into a striped blanket

And then upside down, with belly showing and ears flattened

He's a happy boy!


Stephen is almost always alert.  I love his beautiful sleek profile.

This is what he looks like when he hears a loud noise 
(though usually if it's really surprising, he's under the bed).

Juvy comes in to sit on the back of the couch sometimes (usually in the hottest part of the day).
Isn't she elegant?

We also got a new scratching post ($10 on clearance at Target - hooray!)
Even before I put the catnip on it, Allistair could smell the catnip and was rubbing and gnawing on the cardboard.

And the kittens found a sneaky way to entertain themselves while I was taking a nap . . . 

Look at this crazy bread Greg found!  

Anything with an electric guitar on it MUST be cool!

In Minnesota, they want the corn to be "knee high by the 4th of July".
Our corn is about three feet high (higher in some fields) already!

Happy weekend!

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