Thursday, May 8, 2014

Alaska Wardrobe Planning

We're not leaving for awhile yet, but I've been feeling a little panicky about preparing for the trip, so I decided to start the packing process now.  This is possible because it's now in the 90s and higher here in Arizona weather-wise, and I do not need to use my sweaters and long pants!

I made some outfits based on a few solid bottoms.

Black lace-print pants


1.  mint green blouse +  striped black & white sweater

2.  "Ahoy" sequined sweater

Close-up of outfit #1 (above):

DKNY jeans


1.  teal polka dot blouse + gray & white striped sweatshirt

2.  watercolor print blouse & black sequined bow cardigan

Close-up of outfit #1 (above):

Close-up of outfit #2 (above):

Polka-dot jeans


1.  emerald green cable-knit sweater and floral scarf

2.  baby blue sweater and sparkly bead necklace

Close-up of outfits (above):

Red jeans


1. animal print blouse + gray sparkly sweater

2.  hot air balloon blouse + navy & white striped sweater

Close-up of outfit #2:

Close-up of outfit #2 (above) without sweater:

Olive pants


1.  floral blouse + "Take Me To The Sea" sequined sweater

2.  navy cable-knit sweater + pearl & ribbon necklace

3.  green block print blouse + studded navy cardigan

Close-up of outfit #1 (above):

Navy fleece jacket with olive pants:

And today I found some adorable new socks . . . and a bunch of other wonderful stuff!

all - Target

Close-up of the light blue anchor socks!

Blue boat shoes (AMAZING amount of cushiness!)

Black & white striped knit pencil skirt (with Claude!)

Dark blue fitted denim jacket
Levi's via TJ Maxx

Super cute gray shoes with elastic instead of laces - smart! 

After about six months of searching, I finally found a ballet-pink bag!!!
It can be used cross body . . . 

. . .  or like a lunchbox!
And look at the LIPS closure!
Lulu Guiness via JC Penney -
the color in this photo is truer.  The bag is a blush pink.

Look at the inside polka dots!

A whale cardigan!!!
I saw this displayed with a navy & white striped shirt and LOVED it.

Close-up of the whales!!!
Perfect for a cruise.
And only $15 on sale - woo-hoo!

 Stephen balancing on the scratching post:

And some beautiful mountains we drove by on Sunday coming home from a wedding!
I LOVE living near the mountains!

When we get back from the cruise, my DEAR SWEET friend Cindy and I are going to drive up into the mountains and hike around a bit . . . and I CAN'T WAIT!
Because of health stuff, I haven't done much hiking the last two winters and I haven't taken any road trips, but I'm feeling pretty perky and am very excited to get up in the cool mountains soon!


  1. Way to go!!!!! Great outfits!!!!!

  2. Cute outfits - so creative!

  3. Looks like you are set. Love the polka dot inside the purse :) Been so busy with my books that I haven't taken time to check your blog. You will be boarding as I am commenting on this blog...I know you will have a WONDERFUL time !!!