Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alaska - Wrapping Up The Series

Jillian, Mark, Me on the train in Skagway

I have now been able to access my brother and his wife's photos AND my parents' photos, so I thought I'd have a post where I share those!
These are completely out of chronological order, so get ready for a whirlwind!

Cora, my niece, clearly excited - I was reading her a book about Alaskan animals
and I was imitating their noises, so she was, too!

Here is the book reading!

Excited about a carrot

Me and Greg in Ketchikan - I love that tiled sculpture of mussels behind me!

And here is a far-away shot (thanks, Dad!) of me, my Mom (in white) and Greg (in blue) with the sculptures and our ship behind.

In Seattle, playing in the water . . . 

Dad, Mark, Cora, Mom at the top of the tram in Juneau.
In case you were wondering, Cora's wingspan is NOT as wide as an Eagle's!

Mom on one of the weirdly shaped trees at the top

Dad with the Dawes glacier

Dad watching the glaciers go by

Mark & Cora looking cuddly

Jillian, Cora, and Mark being a family in the park (Seattle)
You can see me and Greg in the background, walking up to join them

All of us except my Dad (who was taking the photo) waiting to board the ship!
(me, Mark, Cora, Greg, Jillian + unborn bebe, Mom)

Mom (Grandma!) and Cora, playing with Sweet & Low packets

Cora wants to put make-up on, too! 

Mom taking pictures of the HUGE blossoms in Whale Park, Ketchikan

Mom in Whale Park in Ketchikan

Mom with the Founder's Memorial/Monument in Ketchikan

Mom with the train in Skagway

Mom with a huge stuffed bear!

Dad's picture of Creek Street (Ketchikan)

Greg & Me at our muster station on the first day on the ship
(that wonderful Asian lady in front of me was ADORABLE and had on the cutest outfit! And she was very well put-together. I tried to tell her how cute she was, and she thought I meant her scarf, and she told me that she made it herself!)

Jillian on the train in Seattle while the strange man was singing the song he wrote about the pregnant girl standing on the train.  Notice her coloring: RED.

Deciding which way to go next (Mom, me, Greg)

Cora, getting snuggles. 
She is very loved.  And lovable!

Sweet lil' family

Me and Jillian in TJMaxx in Seattle - right downtown!
I was looking for gluten-free bars to take on the plane - found 'em!

At the top of the tram in Juneau.

Greg & me with the totem pole at the Totem Pole museum in Ketchikan

Eating dinner while sailing out the very first day on the ship . . . going under a beautiful bridge

Brother Mark, and me on the train in Skagway

Greg, watching the world go by

Mark's wingspan is almost the same as an Eagle's!
He IS 6'3", though (if I remember correctly)!
I do not fit in this family physically!

There you have it - that's the final post in this series (though if additional photos pop up somewhere, I will definitely share them!)

Looking at these pictures makes me a little sad because it's been HOT here (this week it hit 107 - poo!)  I miss the RAIN and the GREEN and I miss being chilly.  I'm thankful for such a wonderful experience and the memories that I will have forever.

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