Friday, June 6, 2014

Day Ten: Return to the Desert

We started out our day with breakfast in the hotel.  
They had lots of gluten-free options, including this blueberry muffin!
I actually ate some yogurt and a boiled egg; I eventually ate this muffin on the plane.

Here's what I wore:
I loved all these patterns together:
shoes: Target
polka dot pants: Forever 21
hot air balloon blouse: Target
striped sweater: Target
trench coat: DKNY

Then I took a lovely, long walk.

I saw driftwood in the fence!

It was cloudy, but gorgeous, especially with the many trees.

And then a little reading . . . 

Time to pack up . . . 

And then, off to the airport.  SeaTac airport is fantastic!  Lots of great shopping
and the cafe area is the best I've ever seen in an airport!

Look at these amazing uniforms for Asiana Airlines!
Just the uniforms alone made me consider becoming one of their air personnel!
And the hair . . . 
and the little scarf.  Perfect.

And then before we knew it, we were HOME!

The babies were excited to see us.
Allistair and Stephen



Claude was been a lot more cuddly since we've been back, too - for some reason, though, I didn't get a photo of her yet.  

More about our settling back in tomorrow!

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