Sunday, June 15, 2014

Skin Deep Ratings - Initial Explorations

As I mentioned, I have been updating my beauty routine in order to remove as many toxic chemicals as possible.

My goals are:
1.  find products that WORK
2. find products that are under $20 (less, if possible!) I can find in a regular store (if possible!)
3.  find products that are a 2 or less on the EWG's toxin scale

I have some older products I will continue to use because they are a four or less, but anything a five or above I'm trying to replace as quickly as possible.

Happily, my current favorite lipstick by Rimmel scores only a 2!

Instead of the incredibly dangerous anti-aging skincare products I had been using,* I have been using 100% pure rosehip oil (also called rosehip seed oil).  It has tretinoin, which is a vitamin A acid known to help fight signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin damage (scars, etc.)  This product rates a ZERO!

* As the systemic (body-wide) inflammation from Crohn's Disease increased over the past few years, I found that my skin was much more sensitive than it ever had been before.  I wasn't able to use the retinol products I had been using because my skin would react with an itchy rash.  This doesn't have that effect on me.  I am planning to order this set from Sweet Face Minerals:
Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits

when my rosehip oil runs out - it has more ingredients and is likely to be more effective, but equally gentle.

BEWARE!  Believe it or not, this "natural" product rates a 5!
Though I must admit, it removes every trace of make-up and smells delicious . . . 
it will be getting replaced with the face wash from the above set.

Tom's deodorant smells like Fruit Loops (okay, like lavender, but also like Fruit Loops - yum!) AND rates only a 1!!!

 I was happy to discover that my el cheap-o finishing powder from e.l.f. rates a ZERO!

And my favorite cream blush from NYX rates a 2.

 I will share more experiments as I carry on with my learning process!

On a separate note, this last week I FINISHED the last lesson (#35!) of the curriculum I'm been writing for the last three years!  Thank you to my illustrator, Jihae, for her unwavering commitment to the project and to the students who will be changed forever by it, as well as for her talent and flexibility!  

This never would have even started without God's prompting and preparation (all that school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and the jobs that were rough as I was learning how to provide support for kids with severe developmental delays, communication delays, and behavioral disorders).  He really did give me a holy discontent with the options available (because there AREN'T any other options available!)  

It never would have continued (especially when I got sick) without God's strength plus the prayers and support of my husband, my parents, and my friends.  Greg truly was a ROCK of a man during this whole long process . . . he supported me financially, emotionally, and spiritually, and I'm sure he'll be richly blessed because of it!  I don't think I could admire and respect him any more than I do.

Four churches (two in Arizona, one in South Carolina, and one in Texas) are currently using the curriculum - (with no advertising at all so far).

Greg bought me a little gift to celebrate the milestone.

Delicate and beautiful.

Now that it's finished and I'm HEALTHY, I have some exciting new plans and ideas I can't wait to put into motion!  Watch this space!

Happy Sunday!


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