Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day Eight - Also Known as The Day I Napped

This day, the last day of our cruise, we were in open seas (unprotected by the islands of the Alexander Archipelago) and it was pretty wavy.  In fact, at one point the captain said the relative winds were too high for us to go out on the uncovered decks.  The closed the decks with the above signs.  He said the waves were around 20 feet tall!  

Here is the Alexander Archipelago:
from this site

Barf bags were provided . . . and then they were gone!

My Mom told me that the doctor on board the ship doles out anti seasickness medication 
like meclizine free of charge.

I had taken meclizine a few days in a row, and it tends to build up and eventually cause me to get spacey.
So this day I slept in late, then went to a lecture on the history of the Iditarod, then went back to bed and took a nap!  I didn't really get up and about until dinner, by which time a the weird effects had worn off and I was feeling more like myself.  I didn't need anymore medicine after that because we got close enough to land that the waves decreased.

It was still chilly, though, so I wore tights again.  

You can see that we had already packed.
 We needed to be off the ship by 8:30 the next morning.

My penultimate dessert onboard . . . a beautiful chocolate & coconut mousse!

And . . . I happened to order two desserts that night.
My very last dessert was a frozen strawberry mousse!  It was my favorite.

Left to right: Greg, me, Mom Dad in a mirror on the ceiling!

See you tomorrow for our adventures in Seattle, Washington!

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