Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 7 - Sunday, Cora & Esme FUN!

What fun we had with the baby girls and Mark & Jillian!

Look at this beautiful face!

My Dad, Cora's Grandpa (Gampa), has been teaching her about plants.
When they go outside to play, they look at this vine and pull seed pods off it because the pods get hard and the seeds rattle around.

Gampa has taught Cora how to break open the pods.
Then Cora puts the little seeds behind the pumpkins in a little pile.  

We played ball outside - look at Cora's hat . . . and her sweet little face.
I wanna kiss her.

We also did some outdoor investigating!

Cora and the Worm, Part I:
Cora Decides That The Worm Is Not Worth Investigating

Pay attention to her quiet little, "Nope!" and her baby sign "finished/all done" with worm!

Cora and the Worm, Part II
Cora Is Willing To Find Out More About A Dead Worm

Gampa snuggled his little Esme.


It may or may not have been a nap for both of them.

And then for dinner, we got pizza!

Yum - gluten-free nummies!

I got my camera (new!) all set up with Mark's lovely long-legged tripod, and we snapped three photos.  Even with two babies, two out of three were pretty good!
I bet you'll be seeing this one on a few Christmas cards!

Cora wanted to help feed Esme and Daddy was proud.

Then it was time to kiss the baby!


Zevia (natural calorie-free soda brand) does sparkling cider!!!
Happy holidays!
seen at Whole Foods in Maple Grove, Minnesota

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