Friday, November 28, 2014

REAL Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day (plus one!)

I was in a funk yesterday and didn't feel very thankful, I'm ashamed to say.

My Mom got some less-than-stellar health news and I was tired and lonely for my family.

But Greg took good care of me, Jen called to cheer me up, and I made a lovely lasagna that tasted good.

God is always good even if my brain tells me everything is falling apart!

I got lots of snuggles from cute little kitty babies:


Greg and I read and then watched "Columbo" later in the evening.  It was a relaxed day, and it helped me feel much more positive today!

Here's a couple of outfits I've worn lately (wow, I had no idea the mirror was this dusty until the sun shone in at just this particular angle!)
sweater: Old Navy
pants: ?
socks: Target
shoes: Target

Taken in the mirror at church!
jacket: Max Studio
dress: London Times
leggings: Target
shoes: Aerosoles

And I have a special little gift for you on this Black Friday . . . 

cute kitten videos!

Stephen and Allistair in sinks:

Juvy, happily kneading away . . . 

Enjoy the long weekend if you are blessed with one, and I hope you have great turkey leftovers and that you get good deals on your shopping expeditions!

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