Saturday, December 6, 2014

Body Heat

Greg bought a new toy recently - a little device that connects to a mobile phone and makes it work as a thermal camera!

Everything that's warm is yellow, orange or red, and everything that's cool is green, blue, or purple.

This is my face (look - my glasses aren't warm!)

It's quite useful for checking to see where the leaks are in the ceiling and how much of the drywall is damaged.  Though our roof is going to be replaced on December 28 - yay - FINALLY!

The roofers were all busy because there was a lot of damage from Storm Norbert.

After the roof is repaired, we can get going on getting the damage repaired.
It's a good thing we waited to fix the inside until the outside was water-tight, because we had some more rain this week, and more water came inside our house - oh no!

Allistair (front) and Stephen (back) - look how nice and chilly their little noses are!

Stephen's is always the chilliest and I love it!

Me at my laptop (HOT) with a hot lamp and a cold glass of tea!

My fingers after drinking from that cold glass of tea

Warm nose, hot throat and face!

Meowing little cat (Allistair) with scary glowing eyes and mouth.

Transition back to regular eyesight. 
But Stephen is all wrapped up and toasty.

And Juvy is, too.
When Juvy is comfy and happy, her tongue pokes out.

Silly and cute cat!

Get yourself right over to In-N-Out . . . their holiday wrappers are in use!

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