Thursday, December 18, 2014

Introduction: Wanda the Whale

It's that time of year when the hot air balloons start enjoying the beautiful blue sky 
here in Arizona!  This photo was taken on my way to church last weekend.

Last Thursday was Greg's work party.  They had it at Dave and Buster's.

There was fun food (mostly Mexican, but with cupcakes for dessert!)

and we got to play some of the games, like skee ball.

. . . and Kung Fu Panda!

We also killed some zombies and protected ourselves from aliens with big machine guns.
Lots of violence in those places!

I was able to win this whale out of the little graspy machine with the robot arm:

I put her under the Christmas tree as a fun reminder of our evening out, but Allistair stole her away immediately and started carrying her around and attacking her!

Allistair also had fun in this box!

Stephen and Allistiar cornered a fly for us!

And . . . I bought a new dress last week (at Marshall's).
I *certainly* didn't pay $178 . . . 

. . . even though it is a lovely brand.

Nope, I just paid $20!

And it's a great wrap dress in a wonderful fabric

and a pretty blue & chartreuse wood-grain pattern.
(Very summery!)

I wore it with these new flats - for which I paid just $12.99 (Ross).


This past week, Greg had some kidney stone twinges. 
Nothing passed yet, but we have hope that it will at some point.

While he was feeling slightly uncomfortable, I brought home a surprise lunch - 
and a crown for the KING of the family!

And some oatmeal raisin cookies (his favorite), 
which the cats got into while I was in the shower.

Allistair paid his Daddy some extra attention, too, by lying down right on Daddy's slipper!

Stephen is a delight, especially when he drapes himself over something 

I love it when his
little pink tongue pokes out!

Or when he sleeps in a box into which I'm putting curriculum binders.

We are planning a fun little excursion soon, and you can be sure I'll post about it at the right time!

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  1. LOVE the blue & yellow dress. Looks GREAT on you. See you soon :)